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AllTorque is a leading OEM of tubular running technology.  AllTorque provides hardware and software solutions to improve the integrity of the well.

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Changing the way tubulars are run.


The torque turn system that put us on the map. Accurate, Easy To Use and streaming encrypted data for the entire job.

Built for the rig floor, collecting and encrypting data continuously.

Monitor and control with best-in-class accuracy in Torque, Turns and RPM.


Zone 2 Explosion Rated Torque Control System.

Expect the same level of performance with an intrinsically rated system.
Monitor and control with best-in-class accuracy in Torque, Turns and RPM connection integrity.

Torque Bar

Maximize the accuracy of your iron roughnecks or make-break tools and remove guesswork by directly measuring the make-up torque being delivered to your connections.

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